The Benefits of Plastic Oil Tanks

Posted on May 23, 2022

We previously looked at the advantages of buying a steel oil tank – which are many, but we thought we should big up its plastic counterpart… So here it is… loads of great reasons for choosing a plastic oil tank.

They are Lightweight – This makes them more manoeuvrable, easier and less expensive to transport, install and move to a different location.

They are insulated – plastic is an insulated material and slows the transfer of heat and cold from the environment – this means the liquid you are storing is partially protected.

No Rusting – quite simply plastic does not rust like steel and won’t need painting. Rusting tanks can even twist, cave in and fall over – you don’t want that cleaning up bill!

Structurally Sound – plastic tanks are seamless so this limits the joint that can split. Even if it deforms it can regain shape. They won’t last forever but plastic tanks are a great option in terms of quality and practicality.

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