Exciting News… We are now are now official Sapphire Boiler agents/installers

Our engineers are very excited to be able to offer this new type of boiler.

Do you have oil heating and looking to reduce your increasing fuel bills?   Look no further than the Sapphire oil Boiler.  The industry’s first Fully Modulating, OpenTherm certified Boiler ready to run on either Kerosene or HVO.

Sapphire boilers have the following benefits:

  • 25 Year Warranty
    we offer a 25 year warranty on the heat exchanger, and 5 years on non serviceable parts
  • Fully Modulating
    Only heats the areas of your home required, thanks to OpenTerm controls
  • OpenTherm Certified
    OpenTherm certified boiler which works seamlessly with Genius Hub, EvoHome controls & EPH
  • Low NOx Emissions
    Blue Flame Low NOx combustion, exceeding the 2018 ErP Directive. Futureproofed against future regulations changes.
  • Underfloor Heating
    No minimum return temperature corrosion issues due to stainless steel construction, perfect for underfloor heating
  • Stainless Steel
    Fully Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger and Flue, with 4 positional point options for flue connections

Please check your property location is within the red circle on our map here.

What are the benefits of HVO fuel?

Improving the air quality – Hydrotreated vegetable oil reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%, nitrogen oxide (NOx) by 30% and significantly reduces particulate matter (PM) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions.

Zero FAME – Although this green fuel can still be contaminated with small particles, it can resist the attack of diesel bugs and water contamination. It does not absorb moisture, reducing water content and the chance of it forming nasty sludge.

Excellent cold weather properties – This renewable diesel solution has low cloud point (-32°C), providing better starting performance, clean combustion, and less chance of waxing in extremely cold weather.

Higher cetane number (up to 90) – This makes HVO extremely efficient fuel. The higher the cetane number, the faster it ignites, resulting in improved engine performance and reduced Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

Extended storage life – As this paraffinic fuel is FAME and sulphur-free, meaning it doesn’t suffer from water contamination issues traditional diesel faces, it can be stored for up to 10 years, ensuring good storage and maintenance.

Easy to use – HVO fuel has a high flashpoint, improving safety during storage and handling, is fully compatible with all diesel engines and equipment, and can be mixed with diesel fuel, but this decreases its performance capabilities.

Meets EN 15940:2016 specifications – As hydrotreated vegetable oil is 100% bio and 100% hydrocarbon, it meets the increasing bio legislations, and has received a wide range of approvals from OEMs such as: DAF, Scania, Volvo, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Iveco, John Deere, Agco, Caterpillar, Steryr, FPT and JCB.

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