Does my oil tank need replacing – check list

Posted on June 9, 2022

Oil Tank Inspection is one of our services but there is a lot you can do to check your oil tank yourself before you call out the experts! However If you have any doubts just contact us.

Check the list below if any of the 9 points apply to your oil tank we recommend you arrange an inspection.


  • Signs of corrosion or degradation this includes: oil staining, rust, discolouration, cracks or crazing on the surface
  • Your oil tank is damaged,
  • There are signs of distortion or bulging.
  • Oil tank is overgrown with vegetation.
  • There are any changes in the oil tank’s supporting structure or base, like cracking or movement.
  • There are signs of oil staining on the tank, supports or surrounding ground.
  • Your content gauge is not working correctly.
  • Your tank is over 20yrs old.
  • Oil tank has not had annual inspection – contact us!

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